7 Steps to Take After Your Engagement

First off, congratulations on your engagement! We are happy for you here at Indiana Wedding Decorators. Now, what comes next? It depends on how soon you want to have the wedding. If you have your wedding lined up right after your engagement, then here’s a list of things you need to get started on as soon as you can. Selecting Your Wedding Party Even though this is first [...]

4 Tips on Making Your Wedding Color Palette Work for Any Season

We’re still aware that so many weddings have still been postponed due to COVID-19 and while others acquiesced to live streaming their wedding, there’s no reason for you to follow their example.If you don’t consider that as a viable option, then maintain your resolve to celebrate the day with your loved ones present and don’t opt for an online wedding. Your wedding is supposed to be a day you wallow [...]

Vendor Spotlight – Indianapolis Zoo

We always love working with the most gorgeous venues in Indiana, and our clients love having their wedding in such wonderful places too, so it is a win-win situation for everyone!   Although the Indianapolis Zoo may not be the most conventional event space, it makes up for that by being one of the most unique and fun places to have your wedding!   Indiana Wedding Decorators loves the place. [...]

3 Tips for the Best Bar Experience at Your Wedding

Your wedding is more than a big day for you; it’s the start of something glorious and wonderful, so planning your wedding is not something to trifle with. It’s necessary for you to secure the best services to ensure a flawless event. The decorations, the music, the venue; they’re all so important. Here at Indiana Wedding Decorators, we’ve seen countless of couples celebrate their big day by pouring as much [...]

Vendor Spotlight – Winchester Place

We have an eye for beautiful things here at Indiana Wedding Decorators. Beautiful decorations, beautiful landscapes, beautiful ceremonies, and beautiful structures too, of course.   That is just one reason why we love working with Winchester Place. This historic building offers beauty, class, elegance, natural attractions, great facilities, and amenities that all come together to make a wedding a resounding success.   The Winchester Place is an Indiana wedding venue [...]

How to Decide On a Table Style for Your Wedding

After picking a date, booking your wedding venue, and buying your wedding gown, and securing your team of vendors, you can now focus on the details of the wedding planning. One surprising challenge you may face here is how to style the table for your wedding. You will need a style that has a pleasing symmetry with other parts of the wedding décor and design, and to help you achieve [...]

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