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4 Beautiful and Stunning Lighting Ideas for Your 2021 Wedding

Making up your mind on the lighting to use for your wedding can be an overwhelming part of your wedding planning because lighting decor options are unlimited! You'll first figure out what theme you'll be using and then look to the lighting options that might go with it. Either way, you can never go wrong with lighting! And to get your creative juice running, we're sharing some great lighting ideas [...]

5 Unique Chair Décor Ideas for Your 2021 Wedding

Leaving chairs bare and without any form of decor for your wedding ceremony can be elegant. However, many couples add little touches of decorations to accentuate their wedding themes and make their weddings memorable. If you haven’t thought about decors for chairs at your wedding, or you have but aren’t sure how to go about it, here are some stunning ideas you may consider for your wedding chair décor!   [...]

4 Wedding Color Combinations You Can Use in Any Season

Before you begin planning your wedding décor, you must decide on your wedding theme, style, and color palette. Only when these have been chosen can you begin to plan the perfect wedding décor. When choosing your wedding color combination, you will find thousands of color shades out there. While combining some of these colors will give you the perfect palette to suit your wedding theme, other combinations will be a [...]

4 Beautiful Décor Ideas for Your Rehearsal Dinner

Every aspect of wedding planning usually requires a lot of care and attention to detail. Your rehearsal dinner is one part of your pre-wedding activities you need to take seriously. When it comes to rehearsal dinner decorations, we advise our clients not to stray too far from their proposed wedding décor. If you are searching for ideas to boost your rehearsal dinner décor, here are some décor ideas you should [...]

4 Stunning Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas to Consider For Your Wedding

While floral centerpieces are beautiful and gorgeous for weddings, most couples prefer to go for something unique and glamorous that will make a bold statement on their wedding day. You can use many beautiful items and materials for your centerpiece décor that are not necessarily flowers. Below are some lovely things you should consider using as your wedding centerpiece décor.     Seashells Are you planning a beach or seaside [...]

5 Beautiful In-season Flowers for Your Spring Wedding

If you’re planning to have a spring wedding, get ready to be overwhelmed by lots and lots of flower options as spring is the season of flowers. During the spring, you can find all types, sizes, and colors of blooming flowers for your wedding. Below is the list of some of our favorite spring flowers that you can incorporate into your gorgeous wedding décor!     Roses These classic blooms [...]

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