Before you begin planning your wedding décor, you must decide on your wedding theme, style, and color palette. Only when these have been chosen can you begin to plan the perfect wedding décor.

When choosing your wedding color combination, you will find thousands of color shades out there. While combining some of these colors will give you the perfect palette to suit your wedding theme, other combinations will be a total disaster.

Although some color combinations can only be used in particular seasons, some combinations can be used any time of the year. Below are some of such combinations!



  • Black and White

These classic and timeless colors have proven to be the perfect combination for any wedding, regardless of season or wedding style.

With a black and white color palette, you don’t have to limit your choice of wedding décor and designs as they go with any design. These colors are always a perfect mix for weddings and can go with almost any other color.


  • Blush and Pale Blue

Whether it’s summer, winter, spring, or fall, you can’t go wrong with this color combination. Blush and pale blue give your wedding venue a romantic outlook that sets your wedding guests in the proper wedding mood.

These colors can also be mixed up with metallic colors like gold for your spring wedding or include a vibrant color during the summer.


  • Gold and Navy Blue

This color combination can be used for your wedding at any time of the year, no matter your wedding theme. Gold and navy blue gives your wedding a classic and exotic look and blends perfectly with almost any wedding style.

The colors can be mixed with various colors, including grey and cream, to give you beautiful results.


  • Pink, Grey, and Green

These are neutral colors that are a perfect combination for your wedding any time of the year. You can rock this beautiful color combination with almost any wedding theme or style.

Suppose you want to combine the colors with other colors for your wedding, consider using metallic shades for a beautiful and elegant design.

After choosing the perfect colors for your wedding, it’s time to move on to the next step, which is planning your wedding décor and design.


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