While floral centerpieces are beautiful and gorgeous for weddings, most couples prefer to go for something unique and glamorous that will make a bold statement on their wedding day.

You can use many beautiful items and materials for your centerpiece décor that are not necessarily flowers. Below are some lovely things you should consider using as your wedding centerpiece décor.



  • Seashells

Are you planning a beach or seaside wedding this season? You can skip the flowers by incorporating seashells into your centerpiece décor. To do this, you fill up some transparent vases with beach sands and some tropical fruits sticking out of each vase.

Next, surround the vases with different shapes and sizes of shells.  To make the table even more lively, you can add other things like seaweeds, coral branches, etc., to the centerpiece décor.


  • Lanterns

Using lanterns for your centerpiece décor is always a great idea, no matter the season or time of the year. They bring a cozy and romantic touch to your venue while keeping your wedding guests warm during the cold seasons.

In the warmer seasons, using lanterns as your centerpiece décor enables a beautiful and unique look at your wedding venue. You can use almost any kind of lantern as a centerpiece décor, depending on your wedding style.

You can decorate these lanterns as you wish, keeping in mind your wedding theme and color palette.


  • Christmas-Inspired Centerpiece Décor

Planning to give your wedding guests some early Christmas presents? You can do that by creating a lovely centerpiece décor with some beautiful Christmas tree ornaments.

Arrange the decorations in some transparent bowls, with candles and a little greenery surrounding the centerpieces. This centerpiece décor idea is beautiful, simple, and gives your wedding venue a festive feel.


  • Fruits

Fresh fruits can serve as a gorgeous centerpiece idea during the spring and summer. Common fruits usually decorated for centerpiece décor include lemons, oranges, pineapples, coconuts, berries, etc.

To make this centerpiece décor idea more interesting, you can surround the fruits with a few leaves and branches. For this idea, you can make use of different fruit types available.

The suitable fruits to be used also depend on their seasonal availability if you’re going for natural or fresh fruits.


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