Leaving chairs bare and without any form of decor for your wedding ceremony can be elegant. However, many couples add little touches of decorations to accentuate their wedding themes and make their weddings memorable.

If you haven’t thought about decors for chairs at your wedding, or you have but aren’t sure how to go about it, here are some stunning ideas you may consider for your wedding chair décor!



  • Use Pearls

Who knew pearls could be beautiful on anything but the neck? Well, pearls are a fantastic decor item for chairs at wedding ceremonies. If you’re going romantic or Parisian, then pearls on your chairs are an absolute match for a decor idea.


  • Try Ribbons

Ribbons have always been an acceptable part of weddings. Ribbons can also go on your chairs, especially if they’re pretty good-looking chairs. Still, it won’t be amiss to add an extra ceremonial touch on them.


  • Flowers

We’re not referring to leaves or greenery. Flowers like hydrangeas make your decor right. You may set them in ways that represent the first alphabets of your names, especially for the couple’s chairs.

You can use a floral chair decor for a whimsical themed wedding, especially in the spring or summer.


  • Fabrics

Popular fabrics for wedding chair decors are the organza, burlap, and tulle, especially if it’s a rustic-themed wedding. Drape them in creative and stylish ways, but only if they appeal to you.


  • Wreaths

Hang wreaths of leaves or soft and tender blossoms around your chairs. You may even mix and match them for a variety in your decor.

Wreaths are great decor items for outdoor weddings. Not only does it make the dullest or oldest of chairs look attractive, but it’s also ideal for garden, spring, and summer weddings.


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