4 Tips On Choosing The Right Wedding Venue That Suits Your Style

Choosing the right wedding venue might seem like a complicated decision to make while planning your wedding, but it doesn’t have to be. Should you go for something intimate or grand? Would you prefer an outdoor wedding to an indoor wedding? As professional wedding decorators, we can assure you that not all wedding venues will suit your needs. However, choosing the right wedding venue that suits you will be pretty [...]

4 Tips for Planning An Outdoor Winter Wedding

While many couples favor indoor weddings during the winter, some couples beg to differ. They still prefer to have an outdoor wedding to take advantage of the beautiful snow-filled environment around their wedding venue. Below are some tips for planning a comfortable outdoor winter wedding!     Dress For The Winter When shopping for wedding attire for your outdoor winter wedding, you should factor in the weather. The wedding gown, [...]

4 Things To Consider When Planning Your Engagement Party Décor

Throwing an engagement party is the perfect occasion to make the special announcement for your engagement and celebrate the love and the forthcoming union between you and your partner. The engagement party is the best time to celebrate with friends and family before your wedding day. If you wonder how best to design and decorate your engagement party, Indiana Wedding Decorators is here to assist! Keep reading for tips for [...]

4 Perfect Wedding Color Palettes For Winter Weddings

Your wedding color combination is an aspect of your wedding décor that you can’t get wrong. The slightest mistake in choosing your wedding color palette could spell a great wedding décor disaster! Thus, we have compiled a list of color combinations for couples planning a winter wedding that will be just perfect for the beautiful affair!     Green, Gray, White, And Pink Warm colors are perfect for winter weddings [...]

4 Top Wedding Trends And Décor For 2021 Weddings

As we approach the end of 2020, our 2021 couples are doing all they can to achieve the perfect wedding. If you want to know wedding trends to look out for in 2021, this list will more than help! You’ll see the top wedding trends and décor projected to be used by couples across the country for their 2021 weddings!     Tents With Twinkly Lights One of the projected [...]

5 Tips For Decorating Your Romantic Winter Wedding

Many couples prefer to have their weddings during the winter because romance is thick in the air during the season! It doesn’t take much to achieve a romantic winter wedding décor nowadays. Below are five essential tips to consider when decorating a romantic winter wedding.     Indoor Wedding With An Outdoor View While indoor wedding venues are perfect for winter weddings, your guests might still want to enjoy the [...]

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