4 Sentimental Ideas for Your Wedding Décor

Your wedding décor is there for more than just ambiance; it is there to complement your story and help you say it in a beautiful way. It is there to mirror your style and personality; to help you create the kind of event that will truly stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways that you can use your wedding décor to do this is by making it [...]

3 Things to Consider Before Hiring Your Wedding Decorator

Venue decoration is an aspect of wedding planning that requires utmost care and attention to detail if you want everything to come out perfectly and to exactly match your taste. Even before hiring a professional wedding decorator to handle your wedding decoration, you should put the following factors into consideration because the said factors are essential if you want a unique wedding decoration.     Wedding Venue Your wedding venue, [...]

5 Simple Ways to Add Colors to Your Wedding

Your wedding is a grand event, and you and your loved one deserve nothing less than that. Obviously, you want it to reflect your personality and your style – and that means you might want to bring a bit of color and fun into it as well. If you’re wondering how to do that and create a colorful wedding, we have some tips for you. Here are five simple ways [...]

How to Personalize Your Wedding Centerpieces

All brides and grooms are unique – and so it’s only natural that most couples want their wedding to be just as unique as they are. From the music playing on the background to the colors you choose for your wedding décor, you too want to personalize your Big Day and make it really yours. Your centerpieces make no exception from this rule. But how do you really personalize them? [...]

Leslie Stillions Photography

  We may all be feeling a little bit cooped up lately, but there’s always positives to be found in any situation and, for us, this whole period of lockdown has left us feeling super excited about all of the weddings that we’ve got lined up to decorate once this is all over.   We’re hugely passionate about our craft and, although of course we’d rather be doing it in [...]

3 Timeless Wedding Color Palettes

There are particular wedding color palettes that always look beautiful regardless of the season, the theme, or even the year you use them. They quite literally never go out of fashion and only seem to grow more beautiful as the decades pass and more couples incorporate them into their wedding. So, if you’re undecided on which color palette to adopt for your wedding, the 3 listed below are all great [...]

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