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4 Unique Summer Décor Ideas For Your Wedding

Summer is famous for weddings and the favorite time of the year for most people. So if you’re having a summer wedding, your wedding decor must stand out from the rest! It could be the little things that will make all the difference. You don’t need to become unnecessarily busy or flamboyant with your decor to make it unique. Summer is very colorful. Take advantage of what mother nature offers [...]

The Tables You May Need At Your Wedding

Whether you're having an indoor wedding or going for the great outdoors, tables are necessary, and having the right ones can make all the difference. Because let's face it, a marriage without dining isn't as fun! With planning your wedding's floor plan, tablespaces are undoubtedly a factor to consider. Even if you're serving meals in movable plates that your guests can move around the room with while acquainting themselves with [...]

5 Ways To Propose In The Most Romantic Way

Planning a proposal can be tasking because you’ll need to think of ways to impress your partner and sweep them off their feet in the most romantic way! While the idea of proposing sounds fun, don’t barge in without thinking about unique and pleasant ways to do it. You may want to pop the question in private or add some pizzazz to your proposal. Whichever way is convenient for you, [...]

5 Unique Decor Ideas For Your Outdoor 2021 Wedding

You know what season it is: it's the season for outdoor weddings! Nothing adds color to weddings than using a natural backdrop and canvas; chirping birds, water sounds, dancing leaves, etc. You can barely go wrong with your décor for an outdoor wedding. Getting your décor right for an outdoor wedding doesn't require too much, and it leaves so many options for creativity. Below are some creative ways to decorate [...]

Using Linens To Create A Memorable Wedding Decor

There are many ways to make your wedding decor outstanding, and using the right linens in unique ways is one of them! The use of linens and what they add to the aesthetics of weddings are inevitable. From decorating the tables to the walls, linens are worthy items for your wedding decor from ceiling to floor. Perhaps you’re thinking about how to incorporate them into your decor to create a [...]

Excellent Rental Items for Your 2021 Wedding

With weddings, knowing the right items to rent and which ones to buy can be confusing. While you may have this urge to buy many things about planning your wedding, some items offer more value than others. These items save cost and the stress that comes with their maintenance when you rent them. It’s best to figure out the items you’ll use after your wedding and the ones you won’t [...]

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