Every aspect of wedding planning usually requires a lot of care and attention to detail. Your rehearsal dinner is one part of your pre-wedding activities you need to take seriously.

When it comes to rehearsal dinner decorations, we advise our clients not to stray too far from their proposed wedding décor.

If you are searching for ideas to boost your rehearsal dinner décor, here are some décor ideas you should consider!



  • Use Lots of Flowers

Flowers bring life to any venue and make things seem more vibrant. Your rehearsal dinner venue is not an exception to this.

When planning the floral design and arrangement for your rehearsal dinner, try to stick to the flower types and colors you intend to use on your wedding day. That will show uniformity and a sense of orderliness.

Using the same kind of flowers will also give your guests a sneak peek at what to expect on your big day!


  • Rent the Right Table and Accessories

When planning your rehearsal dinner, you should rent beautiful tables that fit your wedding theme and style.

If possible, get your rental company to supply some of the tables you intend to use for your wedding. If you can’t get those, try to rent a close substitute as a substitute. That will provide the opportunity for your guests to get used to the seating pattern even before the wedding.

Also, make sure you rent the right accessories for the tables. The accessories should include table cloths and runners, plates and other wares, napkins, and linens. The colors must be related to your color palette.


  • Use Adequate Lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect of your rehearsal dinner décor. You can use either string lights, chandeliers, lanterns, or candles, depending on the venue’s lighting policy.

When using candles, make sure to decorate them at strategic points of your wedding venue, and it will be sure to give extra flair and glam to your wedding venue.

If kids are in attendance, try to provide separate tables for them and avoid putting any candles on such tables.


  • Provide Colorful Cocktails

Who doesn’t like a delicious and colorful cocktail treat at a rehearsal dinner? Present your guests your favorite cocktail to kick off the event!

Colorful cocktails also add to the venue décor as they are always beautiful and adorable. Make sure the beverages’ colors are in harmony with your wedding theme, style, and color. This will give your rehearsal dinner venue an exotic sense of elegance and fruity charm.


For the perfect rehearsal dinner or wedding décor, you need an experienced and professional wedding decorator to help plan, design, and decorate your venue.

If you live anywhere around Indianapolis, we would love to be your wedding decorators. We also provide quality rental décor materials for your rehearsal dinner and wedding décor.

Indiana Wedding Decorators and Ace Party Rentals are the best choice for all things décor and design. We provide beautiful, creative, and unique rental items at affordable prices. Contact us today for all your décor needs!

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