If you’re planning to have a spring wedding, get ready to be overwhelmed by lots and lots of flower options as spring is the season of flowers.

During the spring, you can find all types, sizes, and colors of blooming flowers for your wedding. Below is the list of some of our favorite spring flowers that you can incorporate into your gorgeous wedding décor!



  • Roses

These classic blooms are one of our favorite spring flowers for weddings. When used for your wedding décor, Roses create a beautiful and romantic scene you have to love.

These lovely flowers come in various colors and styles, making them very easy to mix for the statement you want to make.

Roses also blend perfectly with other flower types and can be used in almost any aspect of your wedding décor, including centerpieces and bouquets.


  • Orchids

When mentioning the best tropical flowers for weddings, we can’t forget these beautiful flowers. Orchids are currently trending in floral wedding designs. They can be arranged and designed in so many beautiful ways to bring out the best in your spring wedding décor.

One of the reasons we love these flowers is that they come in so many colors and patterns.  You can easily mix different varieties of orchids for a unique design and pattern.


  • Sweet Peas

Suppose you’re looking for beautiful flowers with lovely scents and feminine touch to incorporate into your wedding décor; which do you choose? Sweet peas should be top of the list!

No matter your wedding theme or style, you can freely include these beautiful flowers. They come in so many colors that you don’t even have to bother about it rhyming with your color palette. These flowers blend perfectly with almost any other flowers, making them a perfect inclusion for your wedding bouquet.


  • Gardenias

Due to their large size and lovely scents, these beauties are the perfect flowers to use for your boutonnieres. Unlike most spring blooms, these flowers come in two colors.

You can find different shades of white and ivory. Gardenias are the perfect tropical flowers to incorporate into your wedding décor and mix perfectly with some other flower types and colors.


  • Tweedia

If you search for the perfect spring flowers to incorporate into your greenery décor, tweedia is your best choice.

These lovely and cute flowers are tiny and feminine, and you can mix them with a variety of flowers for your wedding décor.


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