Making up your mind on the lighting to use for your wedding can be an overwhelming part of your wedding planning because lighting decor options are unlimited!

You’ll first figure out what theme you’ll be using and then look to the lighting options that might go with it. Either way, you can never go wrong with lighting! And to get your creative juice running, we’re sharing some great lighting ideas that will add magic and romance to your wedding venue below!



  • Pendant Lighting

Suspending lights in pendants at equal or different lengths are a popular form of lighting when it involves wedding décors and fitting for almost all wedding themes.

The fun thing about pendant lighting is its many designs that help make weddings outstanding.



  • Festoon Lighting

The type of wedding that always goes with the festoon lighting is an outdoor wedding. Hang lines that have festoon lights across poles to run through the perimeter of your wedding venue.

It’s the literal meaning to “light up the skies” and is suitable for vintage and rustic weddings!



  • Candelabra Centrepieces

Talk about sophistication and elegance, and you’ll find candelabra! It not only adds an aura of romance to your wedding, but it adds a touch of royalty, which accentuates the visual appeal. Candelabra is suitable for vintage and romantic-themed weddings.



  • Aisle Lanterns

Lining your aisle with lighting lanterns is a great way to add beauty and romance to the memory of your procession.

Aisle Lanterns are, of course, in different types, designs, and sizes; find the one that relays your wedding theme and style.


Your wedding decorations and designs have such huge impacts on your big day. We wager they’re one of the top things that will linger in the memories of everyone who attends your wedding. It’s best to make a good decoration decision.

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