With weddings, knowing the right items to rent and which ones to buy can be confusing. While you may have this urge to buy many things about planning your wedding, some items offer more value than others. These items save cost and the stress that comes with their maintenance when you rent them.

It’s best to figure out the items you’ll use after your wedding and the ones you won’t need. To help with this decision, below are the items you should rent for your wedding!



  • Vases and Candle or Lamp Holders

Candle holders are great decor items for weddings. They can seem cute enough to have you purchase them but stop to think it through for a minute. The setting and clearing, keeping them clean, storing them, and making sure they’re safe enough to avoid breaking are all points you should consider.

And even if there are incidences where they break, that’d be an added work to you. But if you rent these items, some rental companies even help you set up and clear up after your wedding. That way, you don’t go through the stress of keeping vases clean or wondering where and how to store them.


  • Table Napkins and Linens

If you’ve been anywhere close to pricing linens, you’ll agree that they’re pretty pricey. You take this stress off your hands when you rent them instead. And for table napkins, there’s little point in buying so much something you’ll only use once. Renting them is a much better option.


Other decor items you may need to rent include: furniture, seating arrangement decor, glassware, etc.

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