Whether you’re having an indoor wedding or going for the great outdoors, tables are necessary, and having the right ones can make all the difference. Because let’s face it, a marriage without dining isn’t as fun!

With planning your wedding’s floor plan, tablespaces are undoubtedly a factor to consider. Even if you’re serving meals in movable plates that your guests can move around the room with while acquainting themselves with one another, sitting behind tables from time to time will be nothing but superb. It is also worthy of note that there are different tables you’ll be needing for your wedding, and we’re glad to share them while you’re here!



  • Food Tables

For setting up food bars at weddings, food tables are essential. Sometimes, couples provide buffet service, where each guest gets to serve themselves. If you’re having a big wedding, you may need more food tables for your wedding food.


  • Bar Tables

Of course, weddings need a mini spot to house the drinks. Often, couples involve bartenders who help serve the drinks, especially if you do not have an open bar.


  • Cake Tables

If you’re flashy with your wedding cakes, say there’s more than the bride’s cake, then you might need a table for each cake, depending on their sizes.


  • Gifts Tables

Most guests prefer to bring gifts to weddings. Be sure to assign a spot with tables for the gifts.


  • Kids Table

Often, when you invite guests who have children, there’s a tendency they’ll attend with their kids. To this effect, there’s a need to set up a table or more to cater to the needs of your youngest guests. This also depends on the size of wedding guests with kids who’ll be attending.


  • The Sweetheart Table

The sweetheart table is often for only the couple. It is a table specially situated at the couple stand, for just the both of them.


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