Planning a proposal can be tasking because you’ll need to think of ways to impress your partner and sweep them off their feet in the most romantic way!

While the idea of proposing sounds fun, don’t barge in without thinking about unique and pleasant ways to do it.

You may want to pop the question in private or add some pizzazz to your proposal. Whichever way is convenient for you, consider these romantic ways to propose to your partner!



  • Choose A Location That Means Something To Both Of You

It may be a rooftop, a National Park, or a fountain. A location that reminds you both of a particular moment in your relationship is great for a proposal.

For a park, you may hire surprise performers or play your favorite song. Ask the performers to include their partner’s name in the lyrics.


  • A Surprise Treasure Hunt

End a treasure hunt with a marriage proposal. You may begin with dropping hints in the form of tiny notes that will lead to your favorite venues around town.

Use a skywriter to relay your proposal while you’re at the final location of your treasure hunt.


  • A Beach Proposal

Dropping a ring when they’re not looking on the highest tower of the sandcastles you built together is a fantastic way to propose. This will appeal more to you and your partner if neither of you is a fan of a dramatic proposal.

Another option is posing your question by writing it out on the beach sand and going on one knee right in the middle of your write-up.


  • Go Hiking

While on a hiking adventure, you can propose to your partner at the highest point of the hill or mountain. Of course, you should employ caution to avoid injuries or worse.


  • Use A Restaurant

The famous restaurant proposal style involves hiring a performer or a group of performers. At the same time, you go down on one knee!

However, you may discuss with the restaurant to have your question typed in a paper that looks like their menu. Then have the waiter bring it to your partner while you’re waiting for them to attend to you. Before they decipher what’s written on the paper, you’re already down on one knee!


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