You know what season it is: it’s the season for outdoor weddings! Nothing adds color to weddings than using a natural backdrop and canvas; chirping birds, water sounds, dancing leaves, etc. You can barely go wrong with your décor for an outdoor wedding.

Getting your décor right for an outdoor wedding doesn’t require too much, and it leaves so many options for creativity. Below are some creative ways to decorate your outdoor wedding.




    • Chalkboard Signs

    You can use chalkboards for your wedding stationery, such as direction and welcome signs, seating arrangements, and table numbers. It’s often a fantastic decor for rustic and vintage weddings.

    • Furniture

    Lounge furniture, set at a strategic point at your outdoor wedding, will make for elegant pictures for you and your partner, especially during your cocktail hour.

    • Chandeliers 

    With outdoor weddings, you may be wondering how to use chandeliers. But lighting great decor items for outdoor weddings and chandeliers does an excellent job in adding elegance and light at nightfall.

    • Wreaths

    There are other ways you can incorporate wreaths into your wedding, asides from using them to decorate chairs or for your winter or Christmas wedding.

    You can either hang them at the welcome door above the entrance to give a welcoming feel.

    • Benches

    Switch up the feel at your ceremony and deviate a little from the traditional individual chairs often used for outdoor weddings. And go with cushioned benches; this will be great for a rustic-themed wedding. 

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