Summer is famous for weddings and the favorite time of the year for most people. So if you’re having a summer wedding, your wedding decor must stand out from the rest!

It could be the little things that will make all the difference. You don’t need to become unnecessarily busy or flamboyant with your decor to make it unique.

Summer is very colorful. Take advantage of what mother nature offers you, especially if you’re having an outdoor affair. Consider some of the decor ideas we’ve shared below!



  • Flower Arch

Make a statement entrance; a unique focal point, mainly when the arch will serve as an entrance to your seating spot.


The floral arch never goes out of style. With summer being a floral season, rest assured that this decor will add a unique extra touch to your occasion. Be sure to have a mix of wildflowers and colorful roses.



  • Woodland Pièces

With Summer, you’ll expect to see plenty of nature. And incorporating these natural pieces into your wedding can merge effortlessly with your theme.


Use a woodland arrangement for lining the aisle. It doesn’t matter if it’s an indoor affair or the great outdoors. Another creative way to use woodland pieces is as centerpieces.



  • A Frame Of Flowers

Don’t ignore your photo booth in decorating your wedding. A floral photo booth can add a beautiful focal point that will impress your guests and make for great pictures.



  • Erect A Wall of Greens

With summer weddings, couples will most likely incorporate different flowers to other parts of their wedding. Erecting a greenery wall will give your wedding a unique touch, as well as an excellent picture backdrop.



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