There are many reasons why couples, wedding planners, and wedding decorators love tented wedding venues. There’s just so much to like about tents, from the intimate environment, the beauty and ambiance, cozy nature, to the class and elegance.

However, if you want to have a tented wedding, there are tons of details that you must take into consideration. Here are some of those things you must consider.



  • Consider The Model and Design You Would Love

When planning your tented wedding, you should first note the kind of tent you like, the structure, size, model, etc. However, before making any decisions on the perfect tent to rent, you must consider some other factors.

Such factors include the weather condition, your wedding theme, décor, number of guests to be in attendance, space available, etc. These factors will affect the final decisions you would make about choosing the right wedding tent.


  • Reserve Your Dream Tent Early

There is usually limited availability of tents in any rental company. To get a tent of your choice, you must book it on time for your wedding.

Once you have set a wedding date, decided on the number of guests to plan to invite, determined the venue space, etc., your next step would be to find and reserve the tent you like from your rental company. Ideally, you should book the tent for around six months to your wedding day.


  • Search For a Proper Size of Tent

One thing you should never compromise on when planning a tented wedding is the size of the tent to be rented. Do not rent a smaller tent, nor should you go for a larger tent than you need.

An undersized or oversized tent could disorganize the flow at your wedding reception and mess up your wedding décor.

Make sure the tent is perfect for the number of guests you’re inviting, the seating arrangement, and your design and décor details.


  • Consider the Flooring of the Tent

When planning a tented wedding, you must consider the kind of flooring to use. There are different styles and designs of flooring, and some will appeal to you more than others.

Make sure you select a flooring that you and your guests will feel comfortable walking on, and you should also choose the flooring that will go well with your wedding décor.


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