A wedding planning task you simply can’t avoid is planning the seating arrangement for yourself and your spouse. When deciding where to sit on your wedding day, you may be faced with various options.

There are, however, a few things you should consider before making your decision. Would you want to sit alongside your wedding party? (Head table). Would you prefer to sit with your immediate family? (Head table), or would you rather sit alone with your partner? (Sweetheart table).

Your answer to these questions will determine what arrangement will suit you.  Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these two table arrangements.



Head Table

The head table is specifically designed for couples who would want to sit in the company of some close persons on their special day. These persons could be either their wedding party or some immediate family members.


Advantages of the Head Table

  • A wedding party head table allows you to mingle with your wedding throughout the wedding reception.
  • With a family head table, you will get to sit with your closest family members on your big day.
  • The maid of honor’s/best man’s proximity to you and your partner makes the toast even more special.
  • Your family members will feel included and honored on your wedding day.


 Disadvantages of the Head Table

  • Guests sitting at the head table may be limited in terms of who to interact with during the wedding.
  • If you have many wedding parties or family members, the head table may be a bit cluttered.
  • The arrangement might seem awkward if the families of the bride and groom aren’t on good terms.
  • Your wedding party may not have the opportunity to sit with the plus ones if seated on the head table.


Sweet Heart Table

A sweetheart table is perfect for couples who want to spend some alone time during their wedding reception. The sweetheart table is set up for just the bride and groom, while their families and wedding party sit at adjacent tables.


Advantages of a Sweetheart Table

  • The sweetheart table is usually sweet and romantic.
  • The table provides an intimate setting for the couple to spend some memorable moments together.
  • The couple can have a full view of everything happening during the wedding reception.

Disadvantages of a Sweetheart Table

  • The couple may feel a bit removed from the party.
  • If not set correctly, the sweetheart table may seem unbalanced and off from your wedding décor.
  • Your family and wedding party may feel excluded or not honored during the wedding reception.

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