Whether it’s in the barn, a farmhouse, at the beach, at your backyard, at an indoor or outdoor venue, or even in a garden, you can pull off a wonderful rustic wedding.

All you need are the right items, materials, and inspiration. And Indiana Wedding Decorators and Ace Party Rentals are here to provide you with all you for a beautifully rustic wedding venue! Here are some creative ideas you can use for your rustic wedding.



  • Make Use of a Wooden Ceremony Arch

A wooden ceremony arc is a perfect arch to use for a rustic wedding. Instead of the traditional wedding arch design, you can opt for a wooden arch for your wedding ceremony.

The arch can be decorated with flowers, greenery, or beautiful linens for a classic rustic wedding look.


  • Decorate Your Rustic Wedding Venue With Lanterns And Candles

The use of lanterns and candles at a rustic wedding venue is an ancient tradition but remains classic, romantic, and beautiful to date.

Candles give the venue a cozy and romantic feel, while the lanterns will improve your wedding venue’s rustic looks.

You can decorate the candles and lanterns almost anywhere at your venue, including the reception tables, ceremony alters, venue entrance, aisle, venue walkway, etc. You can also use candles and lanterns for your centerpiece decor.


  • Opt for A Simple Wedding Place Setting

Unlike other wedding styles and themes, you don’t have to go overboard with the place settings for your rustic style wedding.

You can use simple decorations that match your wedding theme and color palette. You can use simple fabric napkins, beautiful linens, fresh herbs, greenery, etc., for your rustic wedding decor. Make use of linens that will give your tabletops an amazing country chic look.


  • Make Use of Beautiful Farm Tables

To give your wedding venue the complete rustic vibe, use beautiful farm tables instead of the regular tables at your rustic wedding venues.

For most farm tables, there will be no need for table cloths. However, you can decorate them with fresh herbs and greenery.


If you plan your rustic wedding anywhere around Indiana, we are here to help give you a unique and exceptional event!

Indiana Wedding Decorators and Ace Party Rentals are right here to provide you with the best rustic wedding design and décor items, equipment, and services for your classic rustic wedding décor!

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