If you have decided to go virtual for your wedding celebration, and you’re worried about your wedding venue looks, it would interest you to know that you can rock a gorgeous wedding venue look even on the screen!

Here are some creative and beautiful ways to decorate your virtual wedding venue that will make all the difference.



  • Pay Special Attention to the Lighting

When throwing a virtual wedding party, your venue’s lighting is a very important factor you can’t ignore.

If the quality of your venue’s lighting is low, your virtual wedding guests will have difficulty in seeing the celebration through the screen.

To get the perfect lighting, you can enlist the help of professionals to get things done properly.


  • Accentuate Your Existing Home Décor

If you are having your virtual wedding at home, make sure you add a bit of glam to your existing home décor to give it a wedding look.

For example, you can make use of beautiful floral installations at your fireplace. You can adorn and transform your chandelier for the wedding, decorate your chairs, use colorful linens for the tables, spray some rose petals around your home, etc.


  • Use Floral Backdrops

Decorating your wedding venue with a floral backdrop is a gorgeous idea for your virtual wedding venue décor.

Whether you’re having your virtual wedding at home, in your backyard, at a garden, or even in a restaurant, floral backdrops are a perfect idea. Depending on the virtual wedding venue, you can either design them directly or attach them to your drapes.


  • Use a Few Drapes and Ribbons

It would help if you rent beautiful and quality drapes and ribbons to decorate the venue for the perfect virtual wedding decoration.

You can drape the ceiling, doors, and windows. Draped walls can also serve as the perfect backdrop for your virtual wedding.


  • Make Use of Abundant Candle Lights

Candles are beautiful, romantic and provide the perfect lighting for your virtual wedding venue. Whether you want to use battery-operated led candles or you prefer using real candles, make sure you get creative when decorating your wedding venue.

If you are having your virtual wedding at home, you can decorate the candles on your tables, the chandelier, by the fireplace, etc.


  • Send Selected Décor Kits to Your Virtual Wedding Guests

You can also mail out some décor kits, alongside the wedding favors and invitations to your virtual wedding guests before your wedding day.

The décor kits will enable them to decorate their home areas to be shown on screen during the wedding.


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