When trying to select linens for your wedding décor, you will realize that there lots of options to choose from. You will find all kinds of materials, all shades of colors, different types, and linens of different qualities. If you find yourself in such a situation, these simple tips will more than help! Follow them, and you’re sure to make the right linen selection for your wedding décor!



  • Make Sure The Linen Matches Your Wedding Theme

Don’t just select linens because they are beautiful or of great quality. Before choosing the linens to be used for your wedding décor, you must consider your wedding theme, style, and wedding décor plans.

Select linens that compliment your wedding theme. Also, make sure you select the right texture of linen that suits your wedding style.  With the right linens, you won’t have to worry about mismatched wedding décor.


  • Select Linens According to Your Table Needs

Wedding linens are of different shapes, sizes, textures and are also used for different purposes. When selecting linens for your wedding décor, make sure you select the right linens for the sitting tables, cake tables, sweets tables, the head table, food station tables, and any other kind of tables to be used at your wedding.

If you intend to cover up your chairs at the wedding, select the right linens for the chairs. Choose linens according to the shape, style, and sizes of your table and chairs.


  • Select Linens That Compliment Your Wedding Color Scheme

Just like any other décor items at your wedding, the linens you select for your wedding décor must be in line with your wedding color scheme.

There are so many linen colors you can choose from, so feel free to get creative and mix up colors for your linens.

However, any linen color selections you make should rhyme with your wedding color palette. Selecting the right color of linen helps to keep your wedding décor in harmony.


  • Put The Views of Your Wedding Vendors Into Consideration

When selecting linens for your wedding décor, make sure you include some of your wedding vendors like your caterer, cake designer, florist, stationery designer, and of course, your wedding decorator.

When they are aware of your choice of linens, they can modify their products and services to suit your wedding décor style.

To make things easier for you, you can get your linens and other décor items and equipment from a company that can also handle your wedding designs and décor.

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