If you’re unsure of how to plan how to arrange your guests’ seating arrangement at your wedding reception, we are here to help. Here are things to avoid and things to do when seating guests at your wedding reception.



  • Do: Create a Separate Kids Table

If some of your wedding guests are coming with their kids, create a separate kids’ table. Position the table where someone can monitor the kids, and you can also make table games available to keep them occupied.


  • Don’t: Split Up Couples

Never split up couples at a wedding reception. When designing your seating chart, make sure you always seat your wedding guests next to their partners. If you didn’t plan a seating chart, simply usher them to the same table.


  • Do: Enlist Your Parents Help

If your parents’ friends will attend your wedding reception, make sure you ask your parents for help in seating their friends. That way, you know who sits where and who sits with who to avoid chaos on your wedding day.


  • Don’t: Create a Singles Table

These days, creating a singles table at a wedding reception is regarded as rude and embarrassing. Instead of the singles table, seat any single guests you’ll like to pair close to each other but on the same table as couples.


  • Do: Seat Cheerful Guests Closest to The Dance Floor

Ensure guests seated closest to the dance floor are energetic and capable of taking the lead when it’s time to hit the dance floor. This way, your other wedding guests will be motivated to dance as well.


  • Don’t: Be Inconsiderate to Guests

If you have guests with special needs, make sure you consider them while planning your seating chart—seat elderly guests closer to the bathroom and seat guests on wheelchairs closer to the exit. And seat children away from the sound system too.


  • Do: Seat Guests By Groups

Try to organize your wedding guests with groups. For example, if you have friends from college, high school, work, etc., try to group them. That will allow them to reminisce about and have even more fun at your wedding.


  • Don’t: Ignore Your Wedding Venue

The manner through which you will seat your wedding guests at your wedding reception largely depends on the kind of wedding venue you are renting. Get a wedding venue that can comfortably accommodate your wedding guests.

  • Do: Let The Experts Arrange The Tables

For perfect results, let professional wedding decorators handle your table arrangements according to your needs and the wedding venue’s nature. This way, you won’t bother so much about your wedding guests’ seating positions.


  • Don’t: Rent Inferior Chairs And Tables

If you want your wedding guests seated comfortably at your wedding reception venue, ensure that you rent items equal to the chairs, table, and other materials.


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