Floral designs are one of the focal points of any wedding decor. Choosing the wrong floral design for your wedding is not an option, which is why you need to be careful and make the right selections.

If you plan to choose the perfect floral design for your wedding, look at these five factors. They can go a long way in determining your floral arrangement.



  • Check the Seasonal Availability of The Flower

The availability of fresh flowers is subject to the times and seasons. While certain floral designs work perfectly with a particular flower type, other floral designs will not be suitable for use.

When selecting your floral design or arrangement, don’t just assume such flowers’ availability; check to be sure. Even if you opt for artificial florals, the time and season will determine the mood, color, designs, and floral arrangements at your wedding.


  • Consider Your Wedding Venue

It is impossible to successfully determine your floral design without putting the venue into consideration. The wedding venue determines everything about your floral decoration, from the floral arrangements and installations to the size and floral design.

The floral design you will use when having your wedding in a garden is much different from what you’ll use in a plain indoor wedding venue or at the beach. Naturally, your floral design should complement your wedding venue.


  • Consider Your Color Palette

One of the first and most important things to consider when choosing your wedding’s floral design is your color palette. It is practically impossible to separate these two when designing and decorating your wedding venue.

Your color palette determines what colors of flowers to be used, in what proportion, and what floral design will be most suitable. The color palette and floral designs are used to set the mood for every wedding.


  • Consider Your Wedding Décor Style

The floral design to be used in decorating your wedding venue depends on your wedding décor style. While there is an unlimited number of floral designs you can choose from, not all these floral designs will suit your wedding décor style.

To avoid a total wedding décor disaster, make sure you select your floral design wisely and employ the services of a professional and experienced wedding decorator.


  • Consider Your Wedding Theme

When determining your wedding’s floral design, you must put your wedding style and theme into consideration. Your wedding theme determines almost every aspect of your wedding décor and design, from the table arrangement to the color palette. The type of floral design to be used at your wedding is not left out of the list. Ensure you pick a floral design that suits your wedding theme.


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