Thinking about planning a winter wedding and want your wedding day filled with fun, loving, and romantic memories? A Christmas-themed wedding will be perfect for you since Christmas is another ideal period to celebrate love and romance!

If you are looking for ideas to help transform your Christmas themed wedding, here is a list of things to consider for your special day.



  • Choose A Venue For Your Christmas Themed Wedding

For a Christmas-themed wedding, you need to select the perfect venue. You have to rent a wedding venue that will be excellent for your Christmas-themed wedding décor. Get creative in your selection to get the best results.

While indoor weddings are lavish for Christmas themed weddings, you can work with an outdoor venue for a beautiful and romantic wedding too.

Before choosing a wedding venue, consult with your wedding decorators for professional tips on choosing the right venue for your wedding.


  • Add Christmas-Themed Props For Your Wedding Photographs

Adding Christmas-themed props during your wedding reception is a fun way to put your guests in the Christmas spirit. Such props for your wedding photographs mean you and your wedding guests will have fun taking pictures and creating fun and lovely memories.


  • Use Christmas-Themed Wedding Décor

For your Christmas-themed wedding, ensure that your bouquets, centerpiece, boutonnieres, and other floral designs all give off a winter feel. On your wedding bouquet, you can add some winter elements like pinecones, berries, and holly.

Your festive centerpiece should also have lots of glitz and sparkle while adorning your wedding venue with some Christmas hanging décor. Add some mistletoe around your venue as a romantic gesture, then a wreath at the entrance to your wedding venue.


  • Christmas Themed Wedding Menu

You can serve your wedding meals in the form of a Christmas dinner on a couple of dining tables, with turkey and some very lovely garnish. Instead of the traditional wedding desserts after dinner, opt for some delicious pudding; everyone loves pudding!

For your wedding drinks and beverages, serve drinks that show the festive winter vibes like gingerbread cappuccinos or alcoholic eggnog after dinner. You can also serve cups of hot chocolate as mild beverages.


  • Give Your Guests Some Festive Wedding Favors

Instead of the usual wedding favors, your guests can take home mini Christmas gifts around a giant Christmas tree to celebrate love during the holidays, or opt for customized gift ornaments like glass baubles with your guests’ names written on them.


Creating a beautiful and romantic Christmas-themed wedding is relatively easy. All you need to do is get a professional wedding decorator and have the right items and materials for your wedding décor.

If you are searching for the best wedding decorators in Indiana, we are here for you. Contact us today for the best Christmas themed decorations and designs!