While many couples favor indoor weddings during the winter, some couples beg to differ. They still prefer to have an outdoor wedding to take advantage of the beautiful snow-filled environment around their wedding venue. Below are some tips for planning a comfortable outdoor winter wedding!



  • Dress For The Winter

When shopping for wedding attire for your outdoor winter wedding, you should factor in the weather. The wedding gown, suit, and wedding party attire should all be selected with the weather in mind.

Avoid short sleeves or sleeveless dresses to make room for comfort. If you must wear sleeveless dresses, make sure you get a lovely shawl that suits your dress and get matching shawls for your bridal party. The groom and groomsmen should also consider using tweed or velvet suits.


  • Inform Your Wedding Guests

When planning an outdoor winter wedding, try to let your wedding guests know in time. You can either announce this on your wedding website, send out emails, or include it in your wedding invitation cards.

This will enable your guests to put on the proper outfits to stay warm throughout the wedding. In addition to informing your wedding guests, you should also ensure that you make heaters and blankets available to keep your guests warm.


  • Serve Warm Drinks

Serving warm beverages like hot chocolate, cider, or tea at your wedding reception is very important to keep your guests warm and cozy. It will also make your wedding guests feel comfortable, and they will appreciate the gesture. They will also participate more actively at your wedding reception once they are warm.


  • Opt For A Cozy Décor

To make your outdoor wedding comfortable and enjoyable during the winter, you should go for a cozy décor and design. Think candlelit décor, fire pits for the after-party, lots of floral décors, etc.

The furniture at your winter wedding should also be cozy and comfortable. With a cozy wedding décor,  you and your guests are sure to love the entire wedding celebration.


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