Your wedding color combination is an aspect of your wedding décor that you can’t get wrong. The slightest mistake in choosing your wedding color palette could spell a great wedding décor disaster! Thus, we have compiled a list of color combinations for couples planning a winter wedding that will be just perfect for the beautiful affair!



  • Green, Gray, White, And Pink

Warm colors are perfect for winter weddings as they display beauty and romance while complementing the weather.

A combination of green, gray, white, and pink is gorgeous and can work with any wedding theme during the winter. These colors are perfect for any winter wedding and perfectly match any design or décor you choose.


  • Mauve And Gold

The beauty and elegance of the color combination of mauve and gold have made it quite popular among couples having their weddings during the winter.

The color palette is perfect for either a classic or a modern-themed winter wedding. And the combination can be used alone or mixed with other natural colors that are just as beautiful and gorgeous.


  • Blush, White, And Red

This color palette is beautiful when used for winter weddings, especially during the festive seasons. If you intend to have a Christmas-themed wedding, the combination of blush, white, and red would be perfect for any design or décor you choose to use.

The color palette can also be mixed with different green and gold shades to give your wedding décor that Christmas touch.


  • Navy Blue And Gold

This trendy color combination is perfect for any season, wedding theme, or design. The color gives your wedding a romantic aura and is an ideal color combination to use during the winter.

You can also combine colors like green and gray, which is also an elegant combination of navy blue and gold. Alternatively, you can add other shades of blue to the color palette for an even more unique effect.


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