As we approach the end of 2020, our 2021 couples are doing all they can to achieve the perfect wedding. If you want to know wedding trends to look out for in 2021, this list will more than help! You’ll see the top wedding trends and décor projected to be used by couples across the country for their 2021 weddings!



  • Tents With Twinkly Lights

One of the projected trends for 2021 is the use of twinkly lights in tents. Tents are undoubtedly a beautiful idea for outdoor weddings, and couples are ready to take advantage of this beauty in the coming year.

Couples are getting drawn to tents decorated with twinkly lights because of how gorgeous they are and how romantic the couples and their guests find these tents. Tents with twinkly lights are sure to make your fairy tale wishes come true!


  • Living Room Décor Style

If you want a wedding venue that is beautiful, cozy, romantic and makes you feel at home, the living room décor is your best bet.

Our 2021 wedding couples are aware of this and are ready to rock the living room décor style on their special day.

With the perfect couches, throw pillows, and plush pillows, your wedding designers and decorators will create magic and turn your wedding venue into something truly magical.


  • Floral-Oriented Décor

Floral designs are coming back with full force in 2021. With millions of colors, types, and designs out there, you can rest assured that the perfect combination for your wedding style is available.

Whether indoor or outdoor weddings, couples will still focus more on voluminous floral arrangements. It is utterly beautiful. It also makes a clear sentimental statement to their wedding guests.


  • Single-Tier Cakes alongside Mini Cakes

While making a single colossal cake is still a gorgeous idea for your wedding, more and more couples have fallen madly in love with the idea of a single-tier cake accompanied by lots of mini cakes for their wedding reception.

This style of cake décor will make a statement no matter the nature or type of your wedding. All you need to do is pick the right color, the right arrangement, and the right flavor, and you’re good to go.


If you would love to incorporate some of these beautiful décors into your 2021 weddings, Indiana Wedding Decorators have all you need for the perfect wedding décor. We will make your dream wedding come true with our exceptional décor and designs made exclusively for you.

We design and decorate your event venue and provide you with the best rental materials that will go perfectly well with your design and décor. Contact us today for your wedding designs and décor anywhere around Indiana.