Many couples prefer to have their weddings during the winter because romance is thick in the air during the season! It doesn’t take much to achieve a romantic winter wedding décor nowadays. Below are five essential tips to consider when decorating a romantic winter wedding.



  • Indoor Wedding With An Outdoor View

While indoor wedding venues are perfect for winter weddings, your guests might still want to enjoy the snowy winter view as they stay warmed up in your cozy venue.

How do you achieve both simultaneously? Quite easy! All you need to do is get a comfortable indoor venue with a great view of the environment outside your wedding venue. Doing this is very romantic and makes you feel like you’re having an indoor and outdoor wedding.


  • Candlelit Decorations

What could be more romantic than a candlelit wedding during the winter? Your wedding venue will be cozy, exquisite, and romantic. We know everyone in attendance will love it!

If you want your wedding to make a statement of love and romance, you should consider decorating your venue with lots of candles.


  • Use A Lot Of Greenery In Your Décor

Lights, snow, and garlands of greenery are the perfect combination for your winter wedding décor. It is beautiful, romantic, and speaks volumes of the season of love and romance.

You can add some pine cones and berries to your centerpiece décor, which will only add to the beauty and romance.


  • Statement Floral Décor

When it comes to creating a romantic vibe at your wedding, floral designs and décor never fail to do the magic. No matter your winter wedding theme, floral decorations are always perfect for a romantic winter wedding.

Your wedding decorator can use a combination of beautiful flowers to make a statement at your wedding.


  • Serve Hot Chocolate At The Wedding

Your guests can never say no to hot chocolate at your winter wedding. It is easy to arrange by your catering team and will be enjoyed by old and young couples.

Hot chocolate drinks will get your wedding guests all warmed up and ready to celebrate your special day. Everyone will be in a relaxed yet happy spirit.


Are you planning to have your winter wedding anywhere around Indiana? All you need is the right designs, décor, materials, and equipment to achieve the romantic winter wedding you have always dreamt of!

Indiana Wedding Decorators is the perfect company to provide all you need for your winter wedding in Indiana. We provide the best of everything for your wedding. Contact us today for a fantastic winter wedding décor and design!