Candles are a perfect example of timeless decorations you can use for your wedding. No matter the time of the year or season, the use of candles to decorate your wedding venue brings a romantic feel to your wedding.

Candlelit decorations are always beautiful, and we highly recommend you try them and see how they can change your wedding venue’s look and feel.

Here are some modern ways to incorporate candles into your wedding décor and get stunning and outstanding results.



  • Use Them On Floating Centerpieces

Floating centerpieces are always beautiful and gorgeous for weddings as they never cease to impress the wedding guests.

Interestingly, floating centerpieces can get even more exquisite and impressive when you include candles atop these centerpieces.

If the floating centerpieces are above your wedding guests, you could substitute the candles with candle designs just as beautiful.


  • Use Candle Lit Lanterns

Using lanterns in decorating your wedding venues is particularly exquisite when throwing an outdoor and backyard wedding.

Lanterns will give your wedding décor a vintage look and serves as a wow factor for your guests. Candlelit lanterns are perfect decorations for any wedding, whether it’s small or grand.

Your wedding decorators and designers can suggest the best types of lanterns to use depending on your wedding theme.


  • Decorate The Staircase With Candles

Decorating your wedding venue’s staircase is a great idea and currently trending at weddings. A candlelit staircase for weddings is majestic, beautiful, and perfect for any couple planning to make a statement at their wedding reception.

This decoration provides a romantic atmosphere for your wedding and is sure to captivate you and your wedding guests as you bask in its beauty.


  • Use Them As A Backdrop

Candles neatly decorated on a metal frame can serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding. You can use your wedding ceremony location, which provides a romantic scene, to say your vows.

You can use it during your wedding reception to give a beautiful and captivating decoration. Either way, candlelit backdrops are perfect for your wedding at any time of the year.


  • Decorate Them On The Sweetheart Table

What spells romance and elegance better than a sweetheart table beautifully decorated with candle lights? Candles that you can use as a highlight of the decoration?

It’s a perfect decoration that you can use at your wedding reception, and you and your partner will surely appreciate everything about it. Romantic will fill the air as your loved ones help you celebrate a day so special and so wonderful.


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