Selecting the perfect wedding color palette from the millions of options available requires a lot of thinking and consideration.

Using the right color palette can be very beautiful and make your entire wedding venue decoration look glamorous. Using the wrong wedding color palette, on the other hand, can spell a complete disaster.

It would help if you considered many factors before choosing the perfect wedding color palette, and we’ve compiled a list of some of them for you below.



  • Put The Season Into Consideration

When selecting your wedding colors, the season you intend to have your wedding usually plays a vital role in choosing the colors. Although there is no law stating that specific colors must be used in a particular season, some colors are just so perfect for particular seasons!

For example, colors like purple, green, blue, gold, and red are always perfect for the fall and winter seasons. There are, however, some neutral colors that work perfectly with any season.

In addition to the season, your wedding style and theme also determine the colors to be used. Contact your wedding decorators for color ideas.


  • Select A Base Color

The base color is the most prominent in your wedding color combination, and every other color is built upon it. An important tip when choosing your base color is that you should choose a color you love since you will be seeing a lot of it on your special day.

Once the base color has been selected, you can now choose your accent colors, which aim to promote your base color and add to the beauty and glam of your wedding décor. You should choose accent colors that fit naturally with your base color.


  • Think About Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue also determines the colors to be used for your wedding decoration. Before selecting your wedding color palette, consider the colors of the walls, wallpaper used, etc.

Many venues already come with their decorations, which makes it a bit complicated. Endeavor to select colors that will perfectly blend with your venue’s colors and designs to avoid your colors’ clashing.

Always consult your wedding decorator for the perfect color combination for your wedding venue. Indoor venues with neutral colors or outdoor venues make it much easier to select your wedding color palette.


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