Nothing gives a wedding venue that gorgeous look like pipes and dealers do. If you utilize them properly while designing and decorating your wedding venue, they can easily transform the place into something beyond beautiful!

On that note, they don’t even just transform your wedding venue, no; they also serve as an excellent backdrop for your wedding, regardless of its size or theme. Here are a few great ideas for using pipes and drapes at your wedding.



  • You Can Drape Your Ceiling and Give it a Great Makeover

Draping the ceiling is the first we’ll mention here because it’s been a favorite of many of our past clients. There are numerous ways and great styles you can utilize to drape the ceiling at your wedding venue, giving it a classy and unique look. But it’s best if you employ the services of a professional wedding decorator to handle this task. Only they can perfectly design your wedding venue and give it elegant décor.


  • Create A Beautiful Standalone Canopy

If you want to have your wedding ceremony at an outdoor space, a standalone canopy is a draping style you might want to try.

A standalone canopy is a perfect spot to tie the knot because it helps create the ambiance of a ceremony exuding love; a canopy can turn a plain spot into something beautiful and truly romantic. Don’t believe us? Give it a try and see!


  • Add Flowers or Ivy to Your Draping Designs

Incorporating flowers or ivy into your drape designs is a great idea. If done well, you might not even recognize your wedding venue for how different and lovely it’ll look!

There are several flower designs that can be used to decorate your drapes and pipes and we know them all. Other designs you can add to your drape are vines, garlands, monograms, etc.


If you believe drapes and pipes will add flair to your wedding, we’d love to talk to you! We are Indiana Wedding Decorators, and we’re here to make your wedding look beautiful and unique and decorate it as few other wedding decorators can!

We offer beautiful draping for your wedding and we offer quality materials and exclusive designs you can’t find elsewhere.

We are a full-service wedding and event design company based right here in Indiana. Our primary goal is to decorate your wedding venue with remarkably lovely designs and decorations.

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