Your wedding décor is there for more than just ambiance; it is there to complement your story and help you say it in a beautiful way. It is there to mirror your style and personality; to help you create the kind of event that will truly stand out from the crowd.

One of the best ways that you can use your wedding décor to do this is by making it sentimental. Here are some tips from Indiana Wedding Decorators to help you achieve this. They work well for any kind of wedding too!



  • Put Quotes on Your Table Linens

This can work in a myriad of ways. You can have your quote printed on one side of the table linens (or just some of them-like those that will go on the sweetheart’s table and those that will go on the cake table). Or, if you want to, you can have quotes printed on top of the table linens-or simply on the table runners themselves.


  • Have a Photo Arrangement

What better way to honor your parents’ love stories than by including them in your own wedding? It’s gestures like this that induce beautiful expressions of raw emotion. And if you include something from your mother’s wedding attire on your wedding day, you will add an even more sentimental touch to it!


  • Celebrate Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

If there’s someone in your life you would have loved to have at your wedding but has passed away, save them a seat. Add a framed picture of them or simply a sign with their name on the seat that would have been theirs had they still been with you.

You’d be surprised how this little gesture can make those who passed feel even closer to you on your wedding day.


  • Incorporate Quotes into Your Backdrop

Do you want to create a special backdrop for your wedding ceremony or simply for your sweetheart’s table backdrop? Print out your favorite quote and use that!

Be sure to use a quote that is relevant and meaningful for your relationship and love story-it’s the best way to create a very unique and personal piece of décor for the big day!


If you need a rental company to beautify your wedding, you’ll love working with us. Here at Indiana Wedding Decorators, we love to create breathtaking wedding décor. The kind that leaves your guest in awe and makes them appreciate the whole ceremony even more!

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