All brides and grooms are unique – and so it’s only natural that most couples want their wedding to be just as unique as they are. From the music playing on the background to the colors you choose for your wedding décor, you too want to personalize your Big Day and make it really yours.
Your centerpieces make no exception from this rule. But how do you really personalize them? How to choose wedding centerpieces that aren’t traditional? Here are four ways that we think you can, here at Indiana Wedding Decorators.
  • Focus on The Elements
Most wedding centerpieces are made with blooms, but that doesn’t mean this is a rule. In fact, greenery, twigs, succulents, and even non-floral elements can work wonderfully either stand-alone or in combinations. So, if you want to move away from the traditional wedding centerpiece, start with its main elements and think of something that represents you.
  • The Arrangement
Bouquets are not the only way you can use a centerpiece! Not at all! Table runners made with greenery and flowers, hanging centerpieces, or just plain and simple flower petals on the table – these are just some of the types of non-traditional arrangements you could choose for your wedding.
  • Add Personal Touches
Want to make your wedding centerpieces part of your love story? Why not include pictures of you, from the very beginning of your relationship until now? Or maybe you could include pictures with you when you were kids, as this will add a touch of humor too. Big fans of Star Wars? Why not include your favorite characters’ figurines in the wedding centerpiece arrangement? These little things can move a simple centerpiece and make it more personal, more original – so don’t hesitate and be creative.
  • Use Meaningful Flowers
In love with flowers? It would be amazing if you chose a bloom that’s meaningful for your love story, particularly if it symbolizes something you both believe in. Add a small note on each place setting explaining your choice – it will make everything come together beautifully!
You’ll love the décor and rental choice that we have for your wedding here at Indiana Wedding Decorators. If you’re planning your wedding, you should contact us. We’re located at Brookville Business Park 1435 Brookville Way Suite M Indianapolis. IN. 46239. You can also call us on 317-590-3166. We’d love to hear from you.