Your wedding is a grand event, and you and your loved one deserve nothing less than that. Obviously, you want it to reflect your personality and your style – and that means you might want to bring a bit of color and fun into it as well. If you’re wondering how to do that and create a colorful wedding, we have some tips for you. Here are five simple ways to achieve that.
  • How About an Ombre Aisle?
Don’t you just want your wedding processional to be superb? For example, how about creating an ombre aisle from flower petals, starting with white and working its way up to the darkest shade of pink, red, or any other color you may choose? We bet this will add so much charm and beauty to your wedding ceremony!
  • Use Colored Runners
Pair colorful wedding centerpieces with a fun, lively table runner that matches up and you will create a burst of color and energy right in the middle of your wedding tables. It’s just the kind of detail that will make guests smile – and they won’t even know why!
  • Have You Heard of Paper Lanterns?
Want to add a dash of uniqueness and color to your wedding reception décor? Colored paper lanterns make everything look fun, playful, and almost fairytale-like, especially when all the lights go out. Lovely idea!
  • Have Vibrant Flowers and Metallic Touches
This is just the perfect combination for a wedding that’s both elegant and vibrates with color, energy, and joy. Our suggestion is to go for bright colored wedding centerpieces and place them alongside metallic elements – such as a white table cover with metallic inserts and metallic vases, for example. Gold, copper, rose gold, silver – take your pick and work with it!
  • Get A Colored Dancefloor
Bring some color unto the dance floor by using Gobo lights or colored lights. It will energize the ambiance and make your dance floor even more inviting to the guests. Plus, it will make your wedding reception décor feel more unique as well. Let the party begin!
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