After picking a date, booking your wedding venue, and buying your wedding gown, and securing your team of vendors, you can now focus on the details of the wedding planning. One surprising challenge you may face here is how to style the table for your wedding.
You will need a style that has a pleasing symmetry with other parts of the wedding décor and design, and to help you achieve this, we listed some helpful tips down below.
· Figure out your wedding theme
When styling tables at your wedding, you have to consider the fact your guests will be seated at their tables for quite some time, especially at the reception. So, the tables have to be comfortable; not too high and not too low.
· Scout through a number of styles
There are several ways you can style your wedding tables, but you won’t know this or know which works best if you don’t scout through different styles. For, you can consider making use of moss in its natural state alongside other accessories and a watering can.
If you’re into minimalist decor, a simple scheme like a spring of lavender with natural focal points on a very clean backdrop works great. We recommend you add candelabra too because it’s a wedding classic that goes well with pretty much any kind of style you choose. It’s remarkable how something so simple creates such a romantic look and feel to a venue, isn’t it?
· Consider Your Personality
Wedding tables can afford you and your spouse the opportunity to express your personality. So, in styling your wedding tables, you can take into consideration your likes and preferences as a couple. This will help create a look that is unique and yet, serves as an extension of your desires too.
Whatever decision you make with regards to styling your wedding table, you need the services of a professional wedding decorator like us!
Indiana Wedding Decorators from Indianapolis can help you decide the best table style for your wedding, but we can do so much more than that too!
If you want to morph your wedding venue into something so beautiful your guests will be left in awe, we’d love to talk to you. So, just click here to contact us and we’ll get started on planning your fabulous wedding right away!