Wedding tables are an important part of your wedding reception and are both functional and play a part in your décor too. When planning for your wedding, you should not overlook your wedding tables. Every detail when it comes to your wedding table can be the difference between a beautiful wedding and a disastrous one so it makes sense that you and your wedding planner do not joke when it comes to the tables.
Have you hired the rentals that you need at your wedding yet? Here at Indiana Wedding Decorators, we offer the greatest wedding rentals service that Indianapolis has to offer and have huge success working with couples to decorate their wedding. Here are some important things that you should know when it comes to wedding tables.

· Round Tables

Round tables are very popular and are a great choice if you are looking for versatility. It is a great way to group your guests in smaller and easily accessible clusters.

· Square Tables

If you are trying to go for a sense of intimacy, square tables are the options to go for. They give a sense of sharp geometry which makes them great for an urban chic wedding and are quite easy to incorporate in an intimate wedding. Square tables are special and can be a great décor for your wedding.

· Long Tables

There are different variations of long tables that you could use at your wedding. Depending on the option, you can use them for an outdoor wedding or an elegant indoor wedding. A slightly shorter version is great for a rustic wedding, while serpentine ones are great if you are going for a sense of familiarity.

· Mix and Match

If you want to go for unique, a great way to do that is to mix and match your tables. You can go for curved and rectangular tables or rectangular and round ones. It creates an eclectic look that is more personalized and creates an ambiance that would be hard to beat.

· Sweetheart Tables

This is where the couple choosees to seat at a separate table with their wedding party. But if you feel as if a table like this will isolate you from your guests, you can just sit at any of the other tables at your reception.
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