When planning your wedding, there are so many important details to pay attention to that it is quite easy to forget some little ones. The problem is that although they are small, these details are also crucial for your wedding day.
Here at Indiana Wedding Decorators, providing the best when it comes to your wedding rentals is our priority, and so we often do our best to help you stay on track with your planning. In line with that, here are eight essential details that you should not overlook when it comes to your wedding décor.

· Signage

Signage is essential at your wedding. It lets your guests know exactly where your wedding is holding. Don’t forget to make sure that your signs coordinate with the theme for your wedding.

· Aisle Markers

Aisle markers are great at adding a touch of color and beauty to your aisle. You can use flowers, bows or even balloons. Creativity is essential here.

· Cocktail Napkins

Order cocktail napkins that go along with your wedding theme. It’s a great way to add to the festive atmosphere at your wedding and can help to inspire your guests.

· Buffet Table Décor

If you are setting up a buffet table at your wedding, don’t just leave it bare. As much as you’ll be tempted to focus on only the food, remember to handle how it is presented too.

· Bathroom Extras

Don’t leave the conveniences and restrooms at your event out of your decorating scheme. A few touches here will go a long way, and you can also provide bottles of soap, lotion, and hand sanitizers to show your guests that you’re thinking of them even there.

· Cake Table Signage

This is the same as with the buffet table. Make sure that your cake table is decorated and that both it and your cake complement the theme and décor at your wedding.
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