One of the biggest challenges that couples face when planning a wedding, aside from family politics, is setting a budget and sticking to it throughout the process. But with a little planning right at the start, before you spend a single dollar, arguments can be easily avoided. Here are some budgeting tips that you can use for your wedding day.
· Who is paying for what?
This is a question you must answer right from the beginning of the planning process. Sit down with your partner and any other parties contributing to your wedding. Ensure that you all calculate your budget so that you know exactly how much you have to spend. It’s also important to decide who is paying for what. Are you splitting it between you? Managing expectations right from the start is an excellent way to avoid conflict.
· What is vital?
Next is to break down your wedding into critical elements. Do you both have the same expectations for how much things are going to cost? Identify what components of your wedding are vital to you both. Also, determine those which your wedding can’t do without like your venue, license, and rings.
· Flowers Are Costly
They can take a considerable chunk out of your budget before you know it. Endeavor to search around for the best options before you make your decision. It would be best if you also talked with whatever florist you’re choosing to go with. Discuss your flower choices and colors.
· Don’t Forget Transportation
How will you be getting to your wedding venue or from the wedding to the reception? How about your guests? Will you be hiring a bus or trolley to transport guests from your wedding to your reception? Don’t forget to include it in your wedding costs.
· Handle Your Entertainment
Your entertainment is another part of your wedding that you have to pay attention to. You have to make sure you and your partner are on the same pay. Will you have a band or DJ at your wedding? Choosing to be intentional right from the start is the best way to avoid arguments throughout the planning process. Best of luck and happy planning!
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