Reception seat planning should be one of the final tasks on your wedding planning to-do list, but with all the time your spending at home as a way to protect yourself, nothing stops you from having a go at it now. No problem at all, we at Indiana Wedding Decorators understand and that’s why we’ve decided to help. Here are five tips on how to seat your guests at your reception.
· Categorize
Categorize all of your guests by the relationship they share with you, the couple. Separate them into Friends, Family, Your Partner’s Friends, Your Partner’s family, your family friends, your partner’s family friends, etc. After this, you can then make a list and separate the list into distinct tables.
· Draw
Find out how many people can sit comfortably at a table and then draw out the circle for meals and write names inside. This will help you better visualize how your seating should be.
· Where Will You Sit
You can either put yourselves on display for everyone to see during your reception or join your guests in a more intimate wedding seating arrangement. You can choose to either have your wedding party sit with you or have them sit with their dates at other tables.
· How About Your Parents?
Your parents and partner’s parents should be seated at the same table, along with your grandparents and siblings, who are not part of the wedding party. If it turns out that there are some divorced parents in the mix, let each set of parents host their tables. That would mean at least four parent tables.
· Avoid Tensions
In situations where you have some family members who do not get along with each other, keep them as far as possible from each other using your wedding seating. So be sure to ask about and know who gets along with who for your event.
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