At Indiana Wedding Decorators, we love keeping an eye on the latest trends to hit the world of wedding decor. Weddings are a wonderful field to be a part of because, while the tradition of the occasion will always provide timeless glamorous styles, there’s always new, creative and exciting innovations to keep the trendy wedding decor scene ever-changing.
One thing in particular that we’ve seen go through all sorts of changes over time is the way that color palettes are used in wedding decor. From bold to understated and everything in between, color palettes are a great representative of shifting trends, and they also make a wonderful way for the couple to give their guests a sense of who they are and their own personal sense of style.
If you’re not quite sure yet what colors would best suit you and your wedding day decor, we wanted to provide you with a round-up of our top 10 color palettes, all of which provide a beautiful base point, from which to design a picture perfect wedding.
  1. Bold unashamedly vibrant pink and blue
  2. An abundance of greenery, with soft cream
  3. Classic white monochrome, with pops of orange and yellow color
  4. Deep burgundy, pastel pink and black
  5. Elegant white and gold
  6. Infusions of coral pink
  7. Copper and marble
  8. Art Deco inspired black, white and gold
  9. Blush colors and pastels (in pink, blue and purple hues)
  10. Rich and lavish dark blues with white and gold
We hope that this list has provided you with plenty of wedding inspo, to start planning your own wedding day decor in a style that is unique to you. Designing your wedding day decor is such a wonderful way to pay a testament to your own unique love story – by making the beauty of the occasion perfectly represent the couple at the heart of it.
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