Are you the type of couple that want to fill your ceremony with divine, sophisticated and glamorous touches? You’re in good company here.
At Indiana Wedding Decorators, we’re all about adorning wedding days with superb lavish touches and introducing intricate details throughout the decor, to ensure that our clients are always blown away by the splendor that we have created to mark their special day. These include everything from seating and lighting, to floral arrangements and centerpieces – there’s basically nothing that we don’t know about the latest in wedding glamour.
We wanted to use our expertise in the matter of stunningly glamorous wedding day decor to share with you our top 5 favorite tips to make your wedding decor absolutely unforgettable.
  • A strong color palette – this should clearly be in place throughout your entire wedding and in all elements of the day’s decor. The palette could consist of a super elegant combination of gold and black, or you could go for white with a touch of pale pink, keeping it simple for a classic approach to the day’s decor.
  • An abundance of flowers – they might seem like a more subtle approach to decoration, but flowers are the cornerstone of stunning wedding decor. They are timeless and classic yes, but a venue that is filled with an array of different types of flower decorations that tie in together seamlessly is one that simply radiates glamour.
  • Lavish lighting – exquisite lighting is an absolutely essential part of wedding day glamour. Have a browse through our gallery on our website to see all of the breathtaking light installations and fittings that we can use to make your venue absolutely magnificent.
  • Intriguing feature pieces – include feature pieces in your decor that are original and memorable, that are stylish and modern, and that your guests will not have seen before.
  • Unique table decorations – all too often, people forget to decorate the tables as intricately as the rest of the venue. Adorning the tables with flowers, bespoke feature pieces and exquisite little touches ensures that this glamorous feel extends to all elements of your wedding, and all of the key parts of the day, too.
Our exceptional eye for detail means that, at Indiana Wedding Decorators, every single one of the weddings that we design across Indiana, absolutely radiate sophisticated glamour. We work closely with all of our clients, to ensure that their venue is decorated in a way that provides them with the wedding day of their dreams. If you’d like to find our more about our services, you can get in touch with us here.