First off, congratulations on your engagement! We are happy for you here at Indiana Wedding Decorators. Now, what comes next? It depends on how soon you want to have the wedding. If you have your wedding lined up right after your engagement, then here’s a list of things you need to get started on as soon as you can.

Selecting Your Wedding Party
Even though this is first in our list, we advise you to hold off a bit till after the euphoria of your engagement passes. Only then will you be able to tell who’s ready to be part of your wedding party.

Wedding Dress Shopping
Experts suggest that your wedding dress should cost about 10% of the total wedding budget. Go for it early in your planning so there will be enough time to select the perfect dress and adjust it to complement your body.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses Shopping
The way your wedding party looks can considerably affect the overall theme of your wedding. Purchase dresses that flatter everyone so you all look great on that day.

Your Guest List
Decide who is coming and who is not because we know there are particular faces you would want to see and others you’d rather not. Send off RSVP cards to get feedback and once you’re sure, start planning your seating chart.

Selecting a First Dance Song
This is another important aspect you can’t overlook. But more than selecting a song, you must also discuss your wedding music and decide if you are going with a DJ or a band or both.

The Legal Matters
This entails your marriage license documentation and filing. Usually, your wedding officiant can help with this.

Your Event Rentals
From your theme to your flowers to your venue and table linens, all these play their part in helping with the success of your wedding, since it comes after your engagement.

Why not reach out to us to help you with all these? Here at Indiana Wedding Decorators, we have great experience designing weddings and are ready to work with you and your budget. Turning your dream wedding to a beautiful reality is our specialty.

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