We’re still aware that so many weddings have still been postponed due to COVID-19 and while others acquiesced to live streaming their wedding, there’s no reason for you to follow their example.

If you don’t consider that as a viable option, then maintain your resolve to celebrate the day with your loved ones present and don’t opt for an online wedding. Your wedding is supposed to be a day you wallow in joy, not something you’re compelled into doing.

That being said, there’s still a lot of changes that come with postponing your wedding. In this post, we’ll be discussing your wedding colors. If, for example, you had initially chosen your wedding colors based on your wedding season, you may have to make changes now, especially if the new date does not fall in the same season.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to start from the very beginning. It is possible to repurpose your colors and here are some tips on doing just that!

Try Pairing Instead
You don’t have to completely change the primary colors in your palette. How about pairing it differently? If your wedding was to be held in spring, you can easily turn it into a fall wedding by pairing it with different accent colors. You can also do the same to change from winter to a summer palette. Just add darker colors to the mix.

Use Metallic Tones
Metallic tones are very good for changing color palettes from one season to another. They are very versatile and can easily take a color from cool to warm and vice versa.

They are also quite easy to incorporate into your wedding day. They can be present in your candlesticks, invitations, envelope seals, centerpiece vases, and lots more.

Add Seasonal Flowers
And not just seasonal flowers, seasonal elements can be just what make the difference. They’ll certainly make your wedding more authentic. Utilize flowers in a season that matches your color scheme.

Perfect examples of such flowers are Tulips for spring, sunflowers for fall, amaryllis for winter, and hydrangeas for summer.

If you can’t find a color to match your scheme, go with the whites. Most flowers come in white and they’ll help pull your color palette together.

Use Texture
Texture can also play a huge role in helping you transition your wedding color palette. If your wedding was initially in the summer, for example, light fabrics would have been your plan. If your new date is in the winter, go for heavier fabrics instead.

Using fabrics that reflect the season your wedding is in will instantly make it seem more natural regardless of the color.

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