The Indiana Convention Center has been in existence since 1972 and has always been a one-of-a-kind convention center. The events hosted at the center are done in a professional manner. Having decorated some of their events venues in the past, we can assure you that having your event at the convention center will be memorable and unforgettable. The convention center is located at Downtown Indianapolis, and we’re so glad to feature them this week in our vendor spotlight series.
· How many events venues do they have?
The convention center is quite spacious and large enough to accommodate all kinds of events. The convention center houses a lot of meeting rooms, halls, ballrooms, and other events venue. The convention center is just perfect for any grand event you plan to have. There are about 71 meeting rooms, 11 exhibit halls, 3 multipurpose ballrooms, an additional 12 meeting rooms. They’re all fully equipped too, so the events always run smoothly.
· What makes the convention center so popular and unique?
As one of the largest convention centers in America, the convention center is a magnet for the largest events in the US. The building is connected by skywalk to over 7000 hotel rooms, and there’s a 4-story Urban shopping mall, over 200 restaurants, and great clubs right at the convention center.
· What amenities can guests or couples enjoy at the Indiana Convention Center?
The Indiana Convention Center is packed with a lot of amenities to make sure the events run without any hiccups. From the room features to the facilities, the business services, the venues’ accessibility, and the equipment, the convention center has it all.
There’s also an ATM that is conveniently located on the first level of the convention center; the drop-off and pick-up point is easily accessible; first aid facilities are readily available and lactation rooms for nursing mothers are never far. The restrooms and water containers are conveniently located throughout the convention center and there is also Wi-Fi all around the convention center.
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