We have an eye for beautiful things here at Indiana Wedding Decorators. Beautiful decorations, beautiful landscapes, beautiful ceremonies, and beautiful structures too, of course.
That is just one reason why we love working with Winchester Place. This historic building offers beauty, class, elegance, natural attractions, great facilities, and amenities that all come together to make a wedding a resounding success.
The Winchester Place is an Indiana wedding venue that reflects nature’s beauty and pours it into any wedding it hosts. It’s so wonderful to feature them this week in our vendor spotlight series!
· What are the special features of Winchester Place and what kind of amenities do they offer?
This beautiful and historical landmark has been in existence since 1912 and it remains a favorite event center for many dwellers of Indiana.
Winchester Place comes replete with great facilities that can cater to any kind of event. The historic home, the beautiful gazebo, garden house, bridal dressing area, and tents are all available for use by the couple and guests.
The Winchester Place is surrounded by a natural beauty that’ll have your guests smiling in approval and nodding in appreciation There’s a scattering of weeping willow trees, a water fountain, and a large maple tree at the center of the venue that gives this event space a look and a feel many others never achieve.
This event venue is also handicap-accessible and spacious enough to accommodate a large number of people.
· What outdoor facilities can couples and their guests utilize at the venue?
There’s the garden house, the gazebo, and the entire entertainment area. The gazebo is an outstanding and elegant structure that further beautifies the environment and provides comfort and luxury. Events hosted at the Winchester Place gazebo are always classy and unique.
The beautiful garden house can be used for anything you want, so it’s up to you. You can use it as a bridal suite, a staging area for your vendors, storehouse, etc.
And when it comes to taking wedding photographs, the scenic area, beautiful landscape, and the enormous maple tree located right at the heart of the event area serve as excellent backdrops!
· What options are available for an indoor wedding?
When hosting an indoor wedding at Winchester Place, you will have access to the main floor of the building containing the living room, dining room, library, and parlor.
The indoor space can easily accommodate up to a hundred guests of any type and size of wedding: Formal, simple, casual, intimate, grand, etc.
The Winchester House was built in the traditional American style, with large windows that give you scenic views of the lovely landscape.
But as lovely as the Winchester Place is, it can look even lovelier with great decorations! Once you book your wedding venue, you’ll need to secure the services of a professional wedding decorator like us!
We are Indiana Wedding Decorators, an Indiana event venue decoration company that transforms even the simplest event spaces into venues cloaked with splendor and bathe in beauty! Let us add color and life to your wedding ceremony with our unique and beautiful decorations!
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