We may all be feeling a little bit cooped up lately, but there’s always positives to be found in any situation and, for us, this whole period of lockdown has left us feeling super excited about all of the weddings that we’ve got lined up to decorate once this is all over.
We’re hugely passionate about our craft and, although of course we’d rather be doing it in person, we love what we do, even if it’s sat at home dreaming up new decoration ideas, or browsing the web to find a few new points of inspiration.
So if you’ve got a wedding planned for post-lockdown, you’ve got a great opportunity to keep yours and your partner’s spirits up and excited for the future. What better way to spend an evening than planning all of the special little details that will go into making the day magical?
This is why – for all of the home wedding planners out there – we wanted to dedicate this blog post to spotlighting a fantastic vendor who we’d absolutely recommend that you take a look at while you’re planning your ceremony. We’ve worked with Leslie Stillions on lots of occasions, and her clients have always been delighted by the exceptional quality of her gorgeous photographs. Plus, lockdown provides the perfect opportunity for you to have a good look through her fabulous online portfolio and get a real sense of everything that she can offer you for your wedding photography.
As a wedding photographer, Leslie has an unbelievable talent for capturing all of the emotional moments that you and your guests experience on a wedding day, in a way that is subtle, warm and stays true to the moment.
Her online portfolio is filled with stunning images of couples and families, and in every single one their love and joy is evident, yet it has still been captured in a completely natural way.
We have worked alongside Leslie on several different occasions, and so we know that the combination of our services is the perfect way for you to secure yourself everything that you had hoped for from the wedding day of your dreams.
Indiana Wedding Decorators is a full service wedding and event design company, and we specialize in taking your unique vision and transforming it into a stunning reality, using our extensive inventory, or even by creating custom items for you. In our 6 years in the industry, we have established a sensational reputation for our services. So, if you’d like to learn more about what we can provide you on your wedding day, we’d be delighted to hear from you.