Decorating your wedding venue is an essential aspect of wedding planning and needs to be done correctly. To ensure you are on the same page with your wedding decorator, you need to ask a few important questions before hiring them. Do this to avoid misunderstanding or disappointments. Below are some of such questions.



  • Can You Work Within My Budget?

Before hiring your wedding decorator, you must set a particular budget that you intend to use for your wedding design and décor.

Once you set the budget, let the wedding decorator know it and ask them if they can work within it. And ask the prospective wedding decorator if your budgeted amount will be okay to create your desired wedding décor.

If your budget is not realistic for the design and décor you wish, you can ask for modifications to suit your style and budget.


  • How Do I Keep In Touch With You? (Mode Of Communication)

It is very important throughout your wedding planning process that you regularly keep in touch with your wedding decorator, alongside other wedding vendors.

When you frequently communicate with your wedding decorator, you can have a smooth working relationship with them and effectively communicate your needs and ask questions.

Ask the decorator what mode of communication they usually use with their clients, whether through phone calls, emails, text messages, physical or virtual meetings, or any other methods.


  • How Long Will It Take You To Set Up My Wedding Venue?

Ask your wedding decorator when they intend to set up your wedding décor to ensure that their timing won’t affect your program.

It would help if you also asked your prospective wedding decorator questions about the average time it takes them to set up and tear down the wedding decorations at the wedding venue.


  • Are The Décor Items Already Available Or You Need To Source Them Elsewhere?

You should also ask if the wedding decorators already have their décor items and furniture available or source the items elsewhere.  If the items aren’t readily available, ask what they’ll need to get the things ready.


  • Do You Have Any Experience Working At My Wedding Venue?

This is another essential question to ask before hiring your wedding decorator. You should ask if they have prior experience working at your proposed wedding venue.

Suppose they have decorated any wedding at the venue; securing their services won’t be amiss because they already know the venue’s layout, space, and a general idea of how the venue functions.

However, if they haven’t, you can also ask if they have worked in a wedding venue that is very similar to your proposed wedding venue.


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