Selecting the perfect wedding theme is one of the first and most important decisions to be made when planning a wedding. Once you have chosen your wedding theme, you can then move on to other wedding-planning tasks.

If you’re still searching for the perfect wedding theme for you this season, we have compiled a list of top wedding themes that work for any style and venue!



  • Romantic Wedding Theme

Wedding ceremonies are all about love, celebrations, and romance. These are what make the romantic wedding theme perfect for any wedding.

A Romantic wedding theme works beautifully during the winter, summer, fall, or spring. The lovely and romantic decorations, the sweet floral arrangements, the cozy settings, soft hues, and beautiful lighting can’t go wrong for any wedding style or venue.


  • Vintage Wedding Theme

If you want a journey down the good old days, a traditional wedding ceremony and reception might be just what you need. The vintage wedding theme never fails to wow the guests no matter the season, style, or venue of the wedding.

You can get your inspiration from the past decades for your vintage wedding decor. From your wedding outfits, antique furniture and decor, vintage cars, and wines, etc., you can’t get a vintage wedding theme wrong.


  • Modern Wedding Theme

There’s no better way to get creative with your wedding decorations and designs than to throw a modern-themed wedding ceremony.

Due to the unlimited options available for wedding color schemes, designs, and decor, you can choose a modern wedding theme for any style and venue of your choice.

You can choose to skip the white dress, go for a bold color scheme, sleek furniture, structural backdrops, etc.


  • Formal or Traditional Wedding Theme

The traditional or formal wedding theme is another one that you can confidently use any time of the year and in any season. If you want to achieve that wedding ceremony you have dreamt of all your life, the formal wedding theme might be the perfect theme for you!

If you are opting for a formal wedding theme, ensure that your designs and decor flows with the theme. From the table settings and seating arrangement, floral designs, lightings, the perfect backdrop, and linens, etc., ensure that you get it all done formally and traditionally.


When you’ve finally selected the perfect theme for you, make sure you go for professional wedding decorators who will expertly handle your wedding designs and décor to suit your wedding theme.

No matter your wedding theme and style, Indiana Wedding Decorators have all it takes to provide you with the best décor items and materials for a gorgeous wedding celebration!

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